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Amplifier stereo amplifiers vintageaudio vintageaudiogear

Amplifier stereo amplifiers vintageaudio vintageaudiogear


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Dual CV 31 Amplifier - Verstärker - Zesilovač - Vintage Dual Amplifiers #top #vintage #audio

in Consumer Electronics, Vintage Electronics, Vintage Audio & Video

ML-9 | 2 x 100W stereo amplifier | 1981 - 1988

Harman Kardon Citation 12

Sansui Tube Receiver/amplifier Ultra Rare 1961 Model SM-18 Works clean untouched

One serious mother of an amp. Hi Fi stereo (fb)

My first piece of vintage audio gear. Salora Hi-Fi Stereo 6600 from 1979.

Pioneer SX-1980

Sams Audio Labs, a World's Greatest Audio Designer transforming vintage audio gear into masterpieces

Heathkit WA-P2 Preamp

The Sansui AU-8500 Integrated Amplifier was manufactured in the early 70's. Weighing in at a little over 45 pounds, this machine is a beast.

Sansui 890 Eddie van Halen Edition (1974)

Marantz 2285 Vintage Receiver

Onkyo TX-41 Stereo Tuner Amplifier Receiver Verstärker #top #vintage #hifi # stereo My Storage Wars

Sansui from 1979 Vintage Audio Love

At Funky Hifi all our vintage audio gear is cleaned, serviced and in full working condition unless otherwise stated.


Mark Levinson Vintage Audio Gear

An early 1970s Marantz Model Twenty Six receiver Jack Adelman

A five-year-old surround-sound receiver has all the appeal of a five-year-old banana. But a five-year-old (or even 25-year-old) stereo amplifier might sound ...

MC7000 Power Amplifier Rated at 100 watts per channel McIntosh C504 Preamp with Superb phono Section Price: Call or Email SOLD

Inside view.

Quality Sound On The Cheap – Buying Vintage Audio Equipment

The ML-2 is a massive class A mono amplifier. It's output power is often advertised to be 25 watts but it's actually more than that, maybe up to 100W.

AU-111G VINTAGE SANSUI Sansui Integrated Amplifier image c Vintage Audio Love



Spica ...

To buy or not to buy? That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to pay an Ebay seller several hundred bucks for an ancient Luxman L-80 or take arms against ...

One of the best sounding vintage amplifiers: Onkyo M-504 and Onkyo P-304. vintage stereo

Mark Levinson Vintage Audio Gear: ML-2 | Monophonic Class A Power Amplifier | 25 W | 1977 - 1986

Klipsch Heritage Amplifier Drives The Most Demanding Headphones

I have never been more excited to find a piece of vintage audio gear.

Vintage hifi buying guide

Rotel RX 603 Stereo Receiver (1977) All Rights Reserved

Marantz 2215b Receiver.


Philips MBLE Tube Amp, found on eBay

... switches made of anodized aluminium chosen for their satisfying tactile response. And dare we say it, their link with the vintage audio gear of yore.”

Hafler ...

NAD 3020 integrated amplifier

Photo of Audio Specialties Ltd - Portland, OR, United States

vintage stereo repair service; Vintage Stereo Repair in Kansas City, MO ...

Mark Levinson Vintage Audio Gear: ML-2 | Monophonic Class A Power Amplifier | 25 W | 1977 - 1986

ML 3 | 2 x 200W amplifier | 1979 - 1987

The links on this page give information about the internals and specifications of several Luxman vintage audio gear. You will find repair and upgrade/update ...

vintage stereo repair service ...

Sansui AU-717, 1977. Photo by Lloyd Naftolin.

How to clean the amplifier knobs - Jak vyčistit knoflíky - TIPS AND TRICKS (8.)

Vintage conrad-Johnson Gear

Vintageaudio Hunter added 11 new photos.


Technics SE A5 Stereo Power Amplifier (1979) All Rights Reserved

Remembering a Heyday in Hi-Fi Industrial Design

Audio ...

What is the most surprisingly good vintage/near vintage audio gear you have?

ML Clones

Class A

Vintage Stereo

MARANTZ Model 1120 Console Stereo Amplifier: Review

McIntosh 7205. 5 Channel Power Amplifier

High-end Nakamichi LX-5 3 head cassette deck. The LX-5

Introduction: DIY Hi-Fi: Vintage Receiver Repair and Modification


Sherwood S-7100

Accuphase E-470 and Accuphase E-650, totally different sounding amplifiers. I

The links on this page give information about the internals and specifications of several Luxman vintage audio gear. You will find repair and upgrade/update ...

Sansui BA-303 amp

Deja ...

Why VINTAGE stereo equipment is just Awesome



Image credit: Stefan Kellner via Flickr


A sampling of Vintage King's massive vintage audio gear selection

Vintage & Used / Second-hand Stereo Equipment Old School, 2-Channel Receivers, Amps, Speakers, Turntables, EQ's, Tuners. Restored w/ warranty!

It even has a "Direct" switch that will skip all the tone controls between the MM or MC phone preamps and the power amp stage.

Marantz 2270 Stereo Receiver (1971) All Rights Reserved

Technics ST 9600 Stereo Tuner (1976) All Rights Reserved

What Pioneer kit do you have? [Archive] - Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums

AM AUDIO M-100 Plus, rare 100 Watt Class A Mono Amplifiers, each

Image credit: Jim Whimpey via Flickr

Vintage audio gear restoration


Classic Audio Research Products

Reliving the 1976 sound of Dynaco PAT-5 preamplifier and SWTPC power amplifier!

Marantz 2265b review, a better investment than a new mobile phone, new car ore a new tv - YouTube

Kenwood KA 6006 Integrated Amp

Image credit: Chung Ho Leung via Flickr

Audio Exchange, LLC - Buy, Sell, Trade, Repair and Restore Vintage Audio Gear

HE-6 with Fire-Bottle vacuum tube amplifier ...